We would like to thank the many Rye residents who attended the Council meeting  at the Rosebud Council Chambers,on the 13th of  February 2017. The following objectors spoke againt acceptance of the Application, Judy Muir OAM, Mechelle Cheers, David Trunfull, Miranda Gillespie, Charles Anderson, Sarah Race, Bob Martin, and Inez Dussuyer. Most people were not against the upgrade of the facility, but were against the expansion of its capacity by building of a fourth ramp. It is to be noted that there were many notable Rye identities  in the gallery.  Nepean Ward Councillor Fraser spoke for acceptance of the application and then proposed that it be accepted, seconded by Seawards Councillor Simon Brooks. Councillors Bryan Payne,  Frank Martin and Antonella Celi, spoke strongly against the motion. To the great relief of all us the vote to accept the application was lost. Councillor Payne then moved a motion that a letter be written to the State Government asking whether the grant money can be re-directed to other foreshore related projects, after the existing 3 ramps are upgraded, the new jetty is built, and the reversing area is re-designed.

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